GGWEB Store: Web to Print Software

Barra Feder

GGWEB Store is a virtual platform that allows companies to take advantage of an online sales channel, in which the necessary resources are available for the management of all orders, order tracking and invoicing.

The system works as a web page in which the works that the company produces are displayed, automatically identifying the user that is accessing, through a previously made registration, thus, allowing to encourage personalized promotions.

Taking advantage of being integrated with management software GGWEB Print, the procedure is very intuitive, with only 3 required steps for a customer to complete an order.

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1. Selection

GGWEB Store presents the products available for this online shop, so the user chooses the work he intends to produce (magazines, brochures, posters, etc.) by clicking on its image / option.

2. Filling

The form that will appear after choosing the desired work, is in accordance with the characteristics of the same. In this step, the user will indicate the desired specifications of his work, namely the type of paper, number of pages, quantities, coatings, etc.

It will also have the possibility to attach the files to be produced.

3. Adjudication

After completing the form, the prices will be presented, considering the different quantities requested. After this procedure, the user can, immediately, award the quotation and proceed with payment. After the ordering process, the user has access to production tracking.

In short…

We can conclude that GGWEB Store proves to be a powerful tool to all stakeholders:

For the customer, it is a system that provides an immediate and accurate responseto all quotation requests, as well as production tracking.

On the other hand, for the printing companies, it substantially reduces costs with quotation and encourages advance payments. Not forgetting that this online presence demonstrates an innovative spirit of the company, being always available to its customer, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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