GGMOB 4 Production

What is GGMOB 4 Production?

GGMOB 4 Production is a mobile application that allows you to guarantee the management of the production process, from the Work Order, Production Records and Point Clock, covering also the entire inventory process.

Working in iOS and Android environment, the application stands out for being a great support for the production department, especially when it is done outside the company’s offices.

GGMOB 4 Production allows, in particular, to consult customers, manage the delivery and production schedule, attach images, sounds and digital signatures to the works and record production times.

Barra Feder

Get to know some features of GGMOB 4 Production 

  • Consult Costumers – Allows you to consultthe details of the customer.

  • Delivery Schedule – In this option, we take note of all deliveries that are scheduled for today and future.
  • Production Schedule – Query the entire sequence of processes / tasks assigned to each machine.

  • Jobs / Production – Consultation of the Work Order, requests for raw materials, as well as all the information inherent to the production.

  • Stock Management – Communicate easily all movements of input and output of raw materials, allowing a simple and effective stock management.

  • Time Record – Ability to record all the inputs and outputs of employees, especially when it comes to external equipment.

Why purchase GGMOB 4 Production?

  • External Production Control – Possibility of monitoring the teams to carry out external productions, from the times to the images of the final work.
  • Stock Control – hrough the application it is possible to record the inputs and outputs of raw
    materials, thus allowing the actual existence of stocks.
  • Verification of Works – When setting up a job (for example, a stand) it is possible to request the validation by the client, through a digital signature.