Our customers – Know who trust us!

The satisfaction and trust of our customers reflect the dynamism and transparency of our team and the quality of the solutions.

We didn’t feel resistance from the part of our employees, pre-training and training given by the team surpassed all the difficulties.

António Gonçalves, Tipografia Priscos

A single software tool allows us supporting all sectors of the organization, including Procurement, Quotation, Production, Human Resources, Sales and Quality.

José Monteiro, Cortarte

It’s software that adapts to customer needs and allows us to optimize our time with the daily tasks of a printing company. I don’t know how there are graphics that work without GGWEB Print.

Carlos Peixoto, Gráfica Abreu

Adaptation has, based on experience, rearrange the steps of pre-production supply, stock management and logistics.

Ernesto Rezendes, Nova Gráfica

It is indeed an excellent tool. With the great advantage of having professionals deeply knowledgeable of our needs and always available to help overcome either difficulty or adjustment!

António Lopes, Gráfica Locape

The very first demonstration, we found that GGWEB Standard stood out from the others, taking into account various aspects: the simple interface, working with multiple windows, being 100% WEB, among others!

Madalena de Lima, Cifast
We are pleased that we can enounce the advantages made by our company since we started using this management tool.

Today, unquestionably, we have full information on the various items of the company, which has proved being very important in our management process. We were able to scrutinize situations and establish controls that were practically impossible with the available means.

The use of GGWEB Standard has represented an added value for the company. The versatility and range that it has, is fundamental for us, so that we can control the whole situation of the company in its various fields.

João Ribas, Royal Investment